Privacy Policy Statements

We believe in maintaining trust and respect, we understand that each person has their own own limits and privacy clarifications. Therefore, in Soloboleto we have established as a priority to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal information of each user. This website protects the privacy of each user who visits the site, as well as the trade names associated with it. We also attach importance to your personal data you share on the website and we are committed to respecting your privacy by protecting your personal information in any way possible

1. Details of information collected by us and why: We generally receive and we store the information that you enter while using the website or the information that is provided to us by third parties. This information that you share with us will only be disclosed if we carry out our duties as travel agents, making and managing reservations for travel on your behalf. And this includes all information that can identify you. Some Some of the information we may request or collect is listed below:

a. Personal and contact details: This may include information for which agents of reservations or airlines may require contacting you, as your address, phone, email address.

b. Passport number, date of birth and nationality: This information is required to book the flight on your behalf. These data may be required by hotels if we make arrangements on your behalf.

c. Payment information: This type of information is never stored on our website and is required if you proceed with your payment. The information you must enter is the card number, the cardholder's name, expiration date, security number, etc.

d. On occasion, we may ask for information about dietary requirements and problems with Hello, if there are. This helps us or the requested travel service provider to accommodate and make available such facilities that satisfy the users.

e. Any information you provide to us by filling out a form or subscribing to Notifications will help us keep you updated with our latest offers and products.

f. Call recordings can also be used for staff training and quality check.

g. By using any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the The user is bound by the privacy policy of their respective network platforms. networks you use.

h. We also automatically collect information whenever you visit our website. This tracking involves IP address, cookies, activity trends and many more. To the doing so also gives us an idea of what kind of traffic we are attracting and whether we have met with your needs.

2. How do we collect your information? There are not many ways in which we collect your data. Therefore, we can only collect your data when you choose to enter any type of information on our website. This can only be done when you log in and save your personal information when you have a relationship with us. So your information may be collected from the following sources:

Information that arises when you purchase or inquire about travel arrangements by mail email, phone or website. When you sign up to learn about our offers for purposes of marketing. (for example, electronic newsletters) Also when you talk to our customer service representatives. When you register for promotions or participate in competitions.

There may be instances or circumstances where we may request your information from any third. This includes when a person makes a travel reservation on their behalf to make your travel arrangements. However, the user will depend on the third party to act on behalf of any other traveler on the reservation.

3. Why do we use personal data and what is the basis for doing so?

3.1 Contractual

a. If we act as a travel agent and make a travel reservation on your behalf, we require your information. Otherwise, we will not be able to confirm your reservation.

b. Personal and contact information is used to complete travel reservations that done on the website.

3.2 Legitimate interest

a. Information related to the direct marketing communications that we receive is requested. helps provide relevant products and services, which also includes decisions about whether or not to offer a product or service.

b. Personal information may also be used to provide you with itinerary details. updated, manage the reservation and contact customer service to any guide.

c. Personal information may also be used to send you marketing activities directed, new offers and products or competitions. These may include information through emails, text messages and data messages. But if you don't want to receive such notifications, you can always stop them by writing to us.

3.3 With your consent

a. If we need your information in some specific cases such as location, address IP, etc., we will ask for your consent for it. For example, if you select a box to receive email newsletters to notify you, we will need your email personal email to communicate with you. Therefore, we need your consent to obtain your information for your personal use.

4. Do you want to know with whom we share your information? To help you or provide you with assistance, We use your data to keep you updated. If you are curious about who requires your information and in which cases, it is discussed below.

a. Major Providers – These include airlines to book flights, hotels to host to the traveler, car rental companies for transportation, etc.

b. Second, anyone who makes a third-party booking on your behalf. These may also include independent vendors and vendors who provide any reservation or service in your name.

c. Third party security services as we proceed to enter payment details such as credit card processing, business analysis, etc. d. As required and authorized by applicable law and to comply with our legal obligations.

e. Business partners associated with us and who have also used their services through our website as a means of communication.

5. Learn how long we keep your personal information. to. will retain your information for as long as it is necessary and reasonably vital for the purposes from the website.

b. Another reason to save your information is to protect our website from any claim contractual, which can generally be for a period of 6 years.

c. The user does not have to worry, since the records are kept according to the legal and regulatory requirements.

6. Disclosing your rights with the website and personal information! It is always the right each individual to know where their information is stored and used. And here are the list of rights you may know about your personal information.

a. Get confirmation from us to process your data.

b. You also have the right to request access to all personal data we hold.

c. The user can also check if they have the right to have the data modified or inaccurate or incomplete.

d. Upon user request, your personal information will be deleted if you feel there is no reason to continue processing it. This is also the right of the user. And to exercise any rights mentioned above, you can write to us at providing adequate details and information.

7. IP addresses! When a user visits our website using any application mobile or open communication method, our servers will record data about the device you are using along with the network you are connected to. And this can include IP address, cookies, etc.

This IP address is tracked to collect other data such as which monitor or device is used, the geographic location from where customers browse and search for information on the website.

8. Information collected by cookies and session data! Sobololeto tracks and uses cookies to determine and personalize your experience on the website and promotions that are possibly displayed. These cookies are stored in the computer system through the Internet browser that the user is using. With the help of cookies, the user you'll get a more user-friendly approach and services that wouldn't be possible without the cookie settings.

In addition to the first-party cookies mentioned above, we may use services from anonymized third-party web analytics on our websites and mobile applications, such as Google Analytics. The analytics providers that manage these services use technologies such as cookies to help us analyze visitor behavior on our website and applications.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy With daily updates, we may also update our privacy policy in the future. And therefore we will notify you about the material changes to the privacy policy by sending you an email that you have provided. We may also notify you by placing a notice on the website.

10. Visit Our Website from Outside the United States of America! By using or browsing the Website from outside the United States of America, you will be notified that your Data may be transferred to, stored, and even processed in the United States of America. America. And the preservation and protection of data and other laws of the United States of The Americas and other countries to which your data may or may not be transmitted are included in the country. By using our features and services, you consent to and fully understand that your information could be transferred to our facilities and other third parties.

11. How to Connect With Us If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can contact us at: